Manage Your Facility More Effectively With Cloud-Based

Applications Designed for Facility Management


Facilities professionals are often asked to do more with less. Money for software tools are a low priority and Facility professionals use manual processes for their real estate and facility tasks.

To overcome these challenges, facilities managers need to fully leverage technology to help with the mundane tasks so they can focus on keeping everything working and everyone safe.

Facility Gear Facilities Operations, Finance and Space Planning solutions have helped facilities managers gain efficiencies across their assets and buildings.

Facility Gear is a suite of software tools for professionals involved in company facilities, services and Corporate real estate that are easy to use.

Facility Gear is a cloud-based application suite focused on three main Facility Management specialties: Real Estate, Operations and Finance.  Use these applications anywhere: desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

These user-friendly tools can help you save time, increase productivity, reduce cost and improve internal customer satisfaction.


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